Workplace Audits & Efficiency Studies

Missing PieceFor many businesses, including most small businesses, the most significant cost is labor.

Salaries and wages comprise the major line-item expense for most hospitality and small organizations, but labor also tends to be responsive to productivity improvements. To reduce labor costs, leaders should consider measuring employee efficiency and setting aggressive performance targets to get the most bang for their labor buck.

If your business seems to be spinning its wheels,

with hours of work getting you nowhere, your company culture may have something to do with it. Studies have shown that organizational culture has a direct impact on a worker’s productivity, reducing absenteeism and dramatically improving morale. When employees are happy, they show up for work each day and work while they’re there. Employee absenteeism, high turnover, and wasted time on activities like social media and real-life gossip cause businesses to lose money every day.

Leaders usually gain executive position thanks to years of hard work.  Talent and business smarts lead them to follow through on every task they tackle.  Because of ambition and motivation, it can be hard for leaders to delegate tasks and trust team members. Sometimes team members are not trustworthy.  You need the right team doing the right jobs at the right times.

If you’ve gone through the process of hiring capable employees, training them, and you don’t trust them, here are a few ways you’re putting your organization at risk.

  • Leader Burnout

  • Failure to Grow

  • High Turnover

  • Low Productivity


Chances are, your employees aren’t going to come up to you one day and give you a piece of their mind. This could be for many reasons—maybe they don’t feel comfortable, maybe you don’t have a culture of transparency, or maybe they value their jobs.

But whatever the reason, there are likely a lot of valuable things that your employees are thinking or saying to each other, that they won’t ever dare to tell you.

A confidential workplace audit and efficiency study is a structured review of current workplace activities viewed against objectives and results. What is your workforce accomplishing, and is it what you set out to accomplish? Our audit highlights areas of concern and identifies specific opportunities for improvement. We routinely work with all levels within your organization.