Turn a presentation into a PowerPoint movie

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Turn a presentation into a PowerPoint movie

In PowerPoint 2010, you now have the ability to generate a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file.

Before you start, first write your script using Microsoft Word. Outline your presentation, including topics and bullets. Import into PowerPoint and attach to a Theme. Then import graphic elements or create them with SmartArt.

Now, follow these five steps:

1.  Animate elements. On the Animations tab, choose the animation type, options (will vary by type) and timing characteristics. Consider slowing things down by increasing the Duration field.

2.  Record narration. (Insert tab, Media group, Audio button, Record Audio). You may have to do this step several times to get the right pace.

Tip: Speak slowly and clearly. Although it may seem like you are speaking too slowly, you’ll hear how a slower pace works better.

3.  Add background music by choos­­i­ng Audio from File on the Audio button. On the Playback contextual tab, choose Play across all slides.

4.  Set up any additional slide timings and transition animation. (Transition tab.) Tip: If you will not have audio on some sections, or the audio will be background music, read the slide content out loud at a slow pace to get a comfortable timing for all of your viewers.  

5.  Create. On the File tab, click Save and Send and select Create a Video.

— Adapted from “PowerPoint Movies,” Melissa Esquibel, (www.BusinessManagementDaily.com).